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SERVICES Customer Services and Support
An integral part of Eurogerm’s business and a natural addition to the product range, are services which include analyses, diagnoses, recommendations and advice on production and marketing.
Support is offered to Eurogerm customers in the form of on-site technical assistance, training, joint development and monitoring markets and regulations.

Analyses Services : Our diagnostic-designinspection process is based on analyses developed by Eurogerm. They are offered to all customers to help them advance their production processes : CHRONOTEC, QUALITEC, QUALITEC PASTA, QUALITEC NUTRITION.

Applications Services : We are experts in all applications in the wheatflour- bread sector. Eurogerm offers to share expertise acquired in managing production specifications for sandwich and crusty bread, batter-based and pastry-based morning goods, doughnuts, etc.

Certification and Tracking Services : To meet specific production guarantees, such as CRC ®, organic or fair trade, our staff design recipes enabling products to be made in accordance with these constraints, and validate the product environment.

Customer Support Services : Arpèges Institute: the Eurogerm Scientific and Educational Institute. Technical assistance: Eurogerm’s technical and scientific staff work at the customer’s production site to provide end-to-end production support.


Apart from its creativity and products, Eurogerm provides its customers with a wide range of services, supporting them at every stage and in every sphere of their development.