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Correctors flour correctors
Formulated in accordance with the various types of wheat and the flour specifications, Eurogerm’s correctors enable consistent, quality flour to be ensured. According to what users want or market requirements, they provide baking strength, flexibility, extensibility and improve the functionality of the flour in its subsequent uses. The miller is thus able to work with a wider range of wheat types.

Technological Correctors : GERMIX, a range of correctors for adding quality and consistency to flour. After analysing your flour, the most suitable correction is recommended in line with the technical features sought. You are offered a standard or custom solution.

New crop Correctors : GERMIX NOUVELLE RECOLTE (New Crop) is a range of correctors specifically designed to facilitate the change-over to new wheats. Using these improvers enables quality problems to be avoided when switching from old to new crop wheat.

Nutritional Correctors : They are offered to boost the nutritional qualities of flour. Formulated from cereal ingredients, incorporating them enables more extensive nutritional claims to be made (to be confirmed by an indepth nutritional analysis).

French Tradition Correctors : TRADIGERMIX, Tradigermix is a range of correctors complying with France’s 13/09/93 bread decree (number 93-1074). Incorporating them enhances the quality of flour used for making Traditional French bread.


Milling Expertise : Every month, Eurogerm analyses 500 types of wheat and flour from all over the world. During the harvest, Eurogerm publishes a detailed wheat quality survey which helps the milling industry establish a purchasing policy. Collated in a computerised data base, the data enables Eurogerm’s technicians to make accurate diagnoses.