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Ingredients Technological and customising ingredient
Eurogerm ingredients offer various functions: improved performance of flours and finished products (technical glutens, enzymes), improved taste and colour (toasted cereal flour, wheat germ) and nutritional additives (fibre, vitamins, minerals, etc.). Eurogerm ingredients can be used in a wide variety of foods such as cereal bars, fruit juice and yoghurts.

Technological Ingredients :
For actions targeted on the performance of flour, dough and finished products.

Taste Colour Ingredients :
To optimise taste and colour, contribute originality and character to finished products.

Typicity Ingredients :
To customise your flours and products with essentials: texture and look.

Nutritional Ingredients :
To customise your nutritional products for claims or marketing approaches.


Ingredients Expertise : Sourcing, checking, conceiving and assembling ingredients are at the heart of Eurogerm’s know-how. A data base with more than 2,000 mix formulations, worked out over 20 years’ experience, gives the company an expertise that is rare on the market.